To ensure you experience the High Country at it's best and have a great time, we offer a number of different tour options.

Our tours vary from one to seven days. We utilise various pubs, hotels, homesteads & alpine lodges for our accommodation. We no longer camp or stay at huts, preferring to have comfortable beds and a hot shower every night.

Tour Options

All prices include GST

  • One day from $285 - one night accommodation + breakfast, lunch, trail snacks and nibbles

  • Two days from $550 - two nights accommodation, one dinner + two breakfasts

  • Three days from $900 - three nights accommodation

  • Four days from $1,300 - four nights accommodation and all meals

  • Five Days from $1,625 - six nights accommodation*

  • Six Days from $1,900 - seven nights all inclusive*

  • Seven Days from $2,100 - eight nights all inclusive*

  • Eight or more days on request for private groups only

Tour prices are subject to change, depending on tour, package and number of participants. Group and corporate discounts are available.

Want to do a private tour outside our planned calendar dates?

  • 1 rider @ +20%

  • 2 riders @ +15% each

  • 3 riders @ +10% each

  • 4 riders @ +5% each

*Note that 5-7 day tours may include a rest/activity day.