What riding gear do I bring?

All of it. To state the obvious, all of these items are mandatory when trail riding! Helmet, goggles, gloves, bike boots, knee guards, body armour and camelbak! More and more riders these days have knee braces and neck protection too. Look at the weather forecast and pack accordingly remembering it can be very unpredictable! Dress in layers so that you’re comfortable, then remove layers as you warm up! In the colder months we recommend a good riding jacket with removable sleeves. Come around 3pm it can get cold in the shadows of the high country! If in doubt, carry a wind and water proof shell. You can utilise the support vehicle for a jacket - If it’s not a cold morning, put it in the support vehicle in case you want it after lunch – or vice versa. If it is going to be cold and wet, under gloves is a good idea – surgical/latex gloves! It is good to bring a number of gloves, say 2 pair each day! Carry some in your back pack and change them when cold/wet!


Is Rec Rego OK?

It is normally ok. We do cross/use the odd road in/out of a town but normally avoid it. Rec Rego is welcomed at your own risk.

I have more than one bike – which should I bring?

The more “enduro” oriented. Some two strokes don’t like the altitude, but anything will fuel injection is best. Most prefer four strokes on the big destination rides.

What fuel do you supply?

98 octane when available (most of the time), but sometimes it has to be 95.

My bike only makes it 80km on a tank!

We can go around 100kms to refuel, so carry a fuel cell of 1 litre. An hour down the track you can pop that in and milk any other bikes that do good mileage too.

Do I need linen or a towel etc? What else???

Bring a towel only for at Aalfor Lodge, everywhere else we stay supplies linen and a towel. Bring your toiletries and any other personal items like an ipod, ear-plugs, or favourite pillow if you’re fussy.

How is my gear transported?

On destination rides it is important that you only pack your essentials! A small enclosed trailer takes our gear the long way around. It does not have the room for gear bags! Just your toiletries, a change of clothes and bike specific spares. Don’t over do it.

How do I pay my balance $ ?

Do a direct deposit a few days before you arrive, or cash on arrival. We have limited credit card facilities which will incur +2%.

Can I have a receipt?

Yep. If your accountant’s that good! Let us know who to make it out to and you can keep a little bit from the Prime Minister (we are GST listed).


What tyres do I run?

New, or near new tyres. If doing three days or more start with new… Any quality brand, but DON’T RUN A SOFT TERRAIN!

What gearing do I run?

Close to factory gearing is good on most enduro bikes, but quite often bikes are geared too tall to suit high speeds if they’re more road/trail. A bike that can sit on 70-80kph for longer sections (10+ mins) is good. If your bike can get to 120kph, it’s too tall.

What if I’m not good enough?

We are here to take you on a great ride, not break you. Many riders at lunch after 3+ hours in the saddle have had enough, so if you want to follow the Support Vehicle the long easy way home that’s fine. If there’s room on the SV you could even load up – but don’t rely on it. We try to save the hardest tracks for near home, so if you don’t want to do it you can head in for a shower.

What’s the hardest part?

Doing the big ride, especially concentrating all day. Pace yourself, don’t push it and keep you chin up, that’s half the battle won.


Does anyone get hurt?

Of course they do, it’s the nature of our sport. In MBMA’s first 15 years (2003-2018) we had seven helicopters plus numerous ambulances and hospital calls. All seven chopper rides recovered and have ridden bikes again since. Wear all your gear, ride responsibly and get an ambulance subscription! *We have an ambulance donation tin – It is $2 per crash.

Can I roll up in the morning?

Tours are cost with accommodation the night prior & breakfast. This ensures everyone is there ready to ride in the morning with few hold ups.

Can I bring my bike spares?

Yes, but on destination tours limit what fills the trailer to necessities. We don’t need five socket sets.


Can I stay another night?

Yes, we would rather you rest than drive home. Most tours start/finish at Aalfor Lodge. Please check availability with staff, it is likely to be F.O.C.

What about booze & smokes?

Speak to staff about any order you need in the morning. If we are staying at Aalfor Lodge bring an esky, there is also a fridge.

How do I dry wet gear?

Most of our stays have drying rooms, if not, speak to us for tips on how to get any wet gear dry.


Do you hire bikes?

Yes, but normally only have a couple available. A bigger/faster bike for experienced interstate/international guests with circumstances requiring a bike, or a user friendly bike that proves useful to join a beginner ride.