Our staff are some of the best in the business, looking after your every need and concentrating on bringing you home safely.

# Dave Marsicano – Owner / operator of MBMA. Lead, sweep or driving duties.
Big Dave is a local rider who has lived and worked on Mt Buller for over 20 years. Dave’s knowledge of the area and passion for riding makes every tour enjoyable. Dave is da man when it comes to taking you on some EXTREME tracks! He’ll take you up/down anything!

# Niki BedfordSweep rider and support crew.
The backbone of most tours! Another Mt Buller local, she is a keen snowboarder all winter and trail bike rider the rest. Niki is from an entire family that has always rode bikes, and her years of experience (including those as a postie on a Honda CT110) show.

# Mal Palmer – Founder / previous owner / operator of MBMA.
Lead, Sweep or driving duties.
Mal has had a passion for riding all his life but has taken a back seat from running the tours with the birth of his and wife Roberta's children. But you can't keep a good man down, so he lobs at every opportunity to give his Honda and his own body a good old fashioned workout. You'll never go hungry with Mal on tour!

# Rob Maloney – Lead, Sweep or driving duties.
With more days on tour than his regular employer cares to know, Rob is always chaffing at the bit to give anything a try. Just stand back and watch as the action unfolds.

# Tone Pickering Lead, sweep or driving duties.
Tone is a local Tradesman on Mt Buller, and when he’s not working he’s out cutting new trails. Tone has extensive knowledge of the High Country & has some exclusive riding terrain that only he knows! Good luck keeping up with Tone; he rides a CRF250X like a mountain bike! Being an old downhill mountain bike competitor helps I suppose!

# Tim ScrivenSweep and support rider.
Tim is a Long time successful Australian Safari Competitor, 3 times class winner and more recently known for his support roles & sponsorship in the Super-X, Moto-X, Finke & Hattah events with Scriven’s Racing. Tim has supported & Guided Some Top Name MX riders with his experience & knowledge This is no different on Tour, Tim’s knack for fixing bikes out in the wilderness is amazing! He’ll have you going in no time! And watch him ride, remember the old saying! “Never judge a book by its cover!” just ask Tone.

# Kellie Catenese – Lead, sweep or driving duties.
Kellie is a secondary school teacher during the week, come the weekend & school holidays she is riding the trails with the MBMA crew. Kellie is utilised for both leading and sweeping duties. You'll normally see Kell behind the camera lense taking video footage of you all with running commentary. Worst comes to worst, she'll offer to ride your bike up any hills you can't get up!!! Kelly is at the pointy end of the women's off-road racing series, too.

# Nick Hinds – Sweep rider.
It's always nice to have Mr. Reliability to bring you home on tour. Nick is a qualified motor mechanic, which can be very handy at times! He's not real amphibious, though, so keep an eye on him in the rivers for a bit of action.

# Huw Davies – Support Vehicle Driver.
Huw is another Buller local from days gone by that still shreds the ski slopes. These days, he finds time to do the driving duties when not at his regular job - A Fireman!

# Andrew CarsonSweep rider and support crew.
If you can here him coming, it’s probably too late to move! The only way he knows to ride his 450x is full throttle, so stay safe in the middle of the track while this boy hangs it all out everywhere else.

# Mark BuckleyBehind the scenes.
Loves riding his 450x and provides much appreciated technical suport behind the scenes - including this website!

# Andre PhilbrickSupport vehicle driver.
Andre can often be found behind the wheel. A dedicated snowboarder during winter, Andre often brings the bags to the next stop or brings out our lunch on the trails. Andre prides himself on beating you to the next port of call!

# Warwick James – Sweep Rider and support crew.
Warwick is more backbone of our successful tours. Dedicated to making sure everything is ready to go and runs smoothly (assuming he has been able to drag himself out of his shed full of motorbikes).